Minimize end-to-end costs. Maximize profits.

Spreadsheet-based approaches to supply chain optimization provide suboptimal solutions as they cannot optimize for end-to-end costs in large supply chains. ERP systems support transactions and cannot be relied upon for supply chain optimization. Hence the need for ‘fit-for-purpose’ dedicated supply chain optimization applications. Such systems optimize TOTAL costs and profits while honoring practical constraints. These solutions can bolt-on to ERP systems and provide the best leverage for your existing data streams.

Optimal Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) & Supply Chain Design

The return on investment for optimal S&OP are compelling – we have delivered benefits to the levels of 5% inventory reduction, 3% overall cost reduction, and millions of dollars in capital avoidance. The capability to rapidly run scenarios help you plan under demand and uncertainties.

Network optimization allows you to solve for the best locations for your sourcing, production, and warehouses.

Optimal Process Scheduling

Home-grown applications and canned packages achieve production scheduling using simplistic scheduling rules; hence, they produce inferior and often infeasible results. Mathematical programming and constraint programming-based scheduling give feasible and optimal solutions.

The automation of schedule generation is a huge side-benefit of optimal process scheduling. Schedule generation cycle time can reduce from days to minutes.

Vehicle routing optimization

LTL load consolidation entails smartly grouping LTL loads so that they are served by near-FTL shipments. This involves developing optimal delivery routes for trucks visiting multiple customers in milk runs.

Optimization also allows you to plan for manufacturing and product delivery in one shot. This delivers a solution which has a minimal end-to-end cost.

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