Mitigate risks and uncertainties by simulating your operations

Simulations – when done right – build confidence in the decisions made and hence mitigate risks and uncertainties. This helps to drive consensus among decision-makers rapidly. For simulations to be useful, they have to incorporate the right level of detail about the processes / businesses being simulated. They also have to enable fast scenario analysis.

Simulation for facilities planning and layout design

Building new facilities involves significant capital expense and lead time. Companies cannot afford to be wrong in their choice of design, layout, equipment, material flow, pathways for forklifts, etc. The engineering companies do a good job of designing the facilities, but it helps to simulate the future operations before capital is committed. Such simulations render stunning, dimensionally accurate, and detailed animations in order to visualize the to-be operations and can suggest design changes which can be tested well before construction is begun. Simulations help avoid costly mistakes and have a positive impact on safety and ergonomics as well. Our simulations are built using the state-of-the-art platform FlexSim.

Simulating resource usage for a large life sciences company's R&D dept.

Pharmaceutical companies process myriad molecules through their R&D processes before they discover a blockbuster drug. This consumes significant and expensive resources of many types (people, animals, buildings, facilities, utilities, reagents, etc.) – from their safety assessment to the clinical trials. Along the molecules’ evaluation process, some will fail or the company may decide to outsource the study or license-in competing molecules. These studies span multiple years in the future. It is critical for large life science R&D groups to use detailed simulations to study resource impacts into the future and optimize for best throughput.

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Seeing is believing! Call us for a demonstration of how simulations can benefit

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