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Familiar with Excel’s solver Add-in? Then you have scratched the surface – you know the power of prescriptive analytics. We provide industrial strength prescriptive analytics capability to handle tough business problems. Industrial problems are large and too complex to be solved with Excel solver. Our solutions are formulated in powerful modeling languages and powered by industry-leading solvers.

Marketing campaign decision support

Marketing campaigns aim to boost sales through incentives, promotions, and advertisements. Each marketing channel has its associated sales uptake profile and cost. Marketing professionals grapple with the need for launching appropriate campaigns at the right time in order to meet financial targets and not go over budget.

Capacity planning decision support

Large companies, both in manufacturing and services sectors, routinely face a need to do capacity planning. There is a long lead time to procure resources (like hiring / training people, building plants, etc.); hence capacity problems need to be identified well ahead of time. Proactive and optimal capacity planning allows for rigorous analysis and quantitative justification for large capital expense decisions. Often, capacity optimization leads to capital expense avoidance by suggesting efficient usage of resources, outsourcing, toll manufacturing, etc.

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