We address both tactical and strategic supply chain needs

Revenue maximization

Meet the most profitable demand at minimal cost. Manage promotions. Forecast demand accurately.

Cost minimization

Plan / Schedule production to minimize waste. Minimize production, raw material, and freight costs.

Optimization under uncertainty

Rapidly evaluate many scenarios. Make robust decisions by using sophisticated optimization technology.

We serve customers of all sizes

Strategic business partners - we care about our your long-term success

We are a team of experienced operations research professionals with deep domain expertise in supply chain optimization and decades of operations optimization experience. We take great pride in providing optimal solutions to our customers, bring an intense problem-solving focus to each project. We are innovative and industrious. This is evident in our outstanding customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Our consulting services provide customized solutions to address specific pain-points

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your sales and operations planning (S&OP) and your distribution network. Deploy shop-floor scheduling tools. Optimize vehicle routing for product distribution.

Prescriptive Analytics

Go beyond predictive analytics and truly optimize your business. Honor ALL constraints and rapidly manage trade-offs in your decisions.

Machine Learning

Be an early adopter of AI / ML in your niche. Use powerful AI / Machine Learning technology to deploy enterprise-strength decision-support systems.


Use state-of-the-art tools which simulate your plant / shop floor layout to achieve safety, efficiency, and ergonomics. Build confidence in your large capital expense decisions.

Our reputation precedes us

Supply chain decision-support applications

Our award-winning products are a result of years of research and engagement with customers. They can be rapidly tested and demonstrated on your data.
PlaNet - for network design and S&OP optimization

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DaRRT - for optimal production and distribution

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BOLT - optimal production scheduling

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