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The Optimal Solutions, Inc. (OSI) team is comprised of experienced Engineers and Information Technology experts committed to deliver solutions that address your needs in operations optimization.

We are experts in using Operations Research to bring Business Process Optimization to our clients – which covers a wide range of domains in optimizing supply chain operations of large companies including Resource Optimization, Sales and Operations Planning, Scheduling Process, Stochastic Optimization, Optimization of Process.
March 9, 2015:
The Cutting-Edge in Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs) Solutions -
VRPs tend to be complex and daunting for most supply chains. Existing, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software packages rely on heuristics to get *a* feasible solution and cost optimality is not a priority due to technology limitations. 
This need not be the case any more. At OSI, we have cracked the code to solving complex VRPs to cost optimality using distributed computing and High Performance Computing (HPC). Companies should not settle for anything less than optimal solutions to their VRPs.
Our technology expands the traditional VRP formulation to include production and inventory optimization. This is critical for companies managing inventory of their customers (as in VMI). Our technology is also very relevant for companies with energy intensive manufacturing processes who wish to leverage varying utility costs in a short time horizon... Read more

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